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Red   Wines

of  Gaillac

- Domaine Mas d'Aurel -



Cuvée Mas d'Aurel 2011


We have selected a delicate slightly tannic red Gaillac with an appealingly fruity nose, a blend of ancient local varieties. This wine will go well with our meats of the southwest.


Vigneron Indépendant - AOC Gaillac - 2011 -

Local grape: Braucol, Duras, Merlot, Syrah

75cl / 19€





- Domaine Philémon -



Cuvée Croix d'Azal 2014


- Organic Wine -


We recommend this organic red wine vinified, aged and bottled without sulfite. Mathieu is a farmer-winemaker. He use organic Braucol, one of the most important varieties in Gaillac. It has the intense colour of the fruits of the forest. The aroma is of black fruit with notes of liquorice and pepper and firm but gentle tannins.


Vigneron Indépendant - AOC Gaillac - 2014 - oak barrel

Local grape: Braucol

75cl / 21€

Glass  / 5€




- Domaine Peyres- Combe -



Cuvée Peyres - Combe 2008


- Organic Wine -


We selected for you a fruity, fleshy wine aged in french oak barrels. Peyres-Combe is a certified old organic vineyard( since 1999): the essence of our terroir is revealed by Victor know-how. This red Gaillac is full and rich on the palate with good tannic structure and a delicately fruity finish. The finesse and elegance of great Gaillac.


Vigneron Indépendant - AOC Gaillac - 2008 - oak barrel

Local grape: Braucol, Duras & Cabernet-Sauvignon

75cl / 25€

Glass / 6€




White  Wines

of Gaillac

- Domaine du Mas d'Aurel -



- Dry white wine-


On the nose this white wine develops scents of pears and peaches. It is well balanced on the palace with typical Gaillac grape varieties: the feel in the mouth is rich, not sweet and stays fresh. It was awarded for two stars for elegance and harmony in the Hachette 2016 guide.


Vigneron Indépendant - AOC Gaillac - 2015

Local grape: Loin de l'oeil et Sauvignon

75cl / 21€

Glass / 4€50





- Domaine Philémon -



- Pearly dry white wine -


- Organic Wine -


The "perle" is a white wine that is dry,  fruity and slightly sparkling, a traditional characteristic. Very easy to drink!


Vigneron Indépendant - AOC Gaillac - 2015

Local grape: Loin de l'oeil et Mauzac

75cl / 21€

Glass / 4€50






- Domaine du Vert -



Cuvée l'Amoureuse 2008


- Sweet white wine -


Jérome is a young winemaker who live near Puycelsi. He uses typical grape varieties for his sweety white wine called 

" The Lover"!  On the nose it develops the scents of apricots and has aromas of figs and quince. It is hightly concentrated, rich and opulent on the palate.


Vigneron Indépendant - AOP Gaillac - 2008

Local grape: Loin de l'oeil et Muscadelle

75cl / 25€

Glass / 4€50






- Domaine Plageoles -



Cuvée Mauzac nature 2014


- Ancestral method of Gaillac -


- Organic Wine -



Ancestral method dry effervescent white wine and Plageoles Family is an organic love story! Mauzac is the oldest typical Gaillac variety and this method is the ancestor of the french Champagne. The happiness of feast days!


Vigneron Indépendant - AOP Gaillac 2014

Local grape: Mauzac Rose

75cl / 25 €

Glass / 4€50



Rosé  Wine

of Gaillac

- Domaine d'Escausse -



Cuvée Sous la tonnelle


This "rosé" develops aromas of red fruit completed by black currants and spices. It is charming and well balanced on the palate expressing a fruity finish and floral notes. Aurélie is the wine-makers eighth generation of developing wine from the native vines.  A good summer "rosé"!


Vigneron Indépendant - AOC Gaillac - 2015

Local grape: Braucol, Duras, Syrah

75cl / 19 €

Glass / 450



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